Canoe into the Woods of Nova Scotia

This is a tour into the wilds of the interior of Nova Scotia.  Spend 4 days, 3 nights trekking though waterway routes used by Mi’kmag of thousands of years on one of only two heritage rivers in Nova Scotia, the Shelburne River and the largest lake in the province, Lake Rossignol. This the heartland of the remote Tobeatic Wilderness Area and the goal of the paddle is the lakes that are the namesake of the area, Tobeatic and Little Tobeatic Lakes. This a isolated, historic, wild, and immensely beautiful trip that few are able to enjoy.

Canoe fishing Nova Scotia

Historic Nova Scotian Canoe Route

This is the area where the first guided tours in Nova Scotia went hundreds of years ago. People signed up for tours into The Great Northern Woods to hunt for moose and trout and this wilderness was what made Nova Scotia a destination. Amazingly, the area is almost as wild as it once was because of the protections in place by the province. The moose are scarce but the trout are still abundant. The only sounds to hear are the wind in the trees, the murmuring of the river, the slashes of your paddle and the rises of brookies. We strive to give tours that credit the early guides that helped make Nova Scotia an adventure destination.

We provide guides, canoes, canoeing safety equipment, all meals, tents, sleeping bags and pads (if required).

We do not provide chest waders (recommended), fishing equipment, snacks, alcohol,

Dates for 2018

May 25th to 28th

June 8th to 11th

September 28th to October 1st





Canoe on Little Tobeatic

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