Our amazing daily morning tour. To the seals we go! We paddle by dozens and dozens of islands on the way and skirt picturesque fishing villages.  Once we reach the rocks of the seal colony we try to not disturb the seals but allow them to approach us on the water. Their curiosity compels them to come out and say “hi” but as they are wild animals seals are not guaranteed. We provide a delicious snack on a secluded beach.

DEPARTURE/RETURN LOCATION 245 The Point Road, Blue Rocks
DEPARTURE TIME Please arrive by 8:45 AM for a prompt start time of 9am.
RETURN TIME Approximately 1:00 PM.
WEAR Water friendly clothing including footwear, hat, jacket, sunscreen
Professional instructor Snack
Halfway stop on secuded beach All kayaking equipment
Water (please bring a full reusable water container)
Instructor gratuity

Children 12 years old and younger are half price and are required to be in a double kayak.

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Difficulty Level : Easy to Moderate

Perched on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, the islands of Blue Rocks is one of the best sea kayaking destinations in Nova Scotia!

Launching from Blue Rocks, an authentic fishing village, we’ll paddle along the narrow passageways between the maze of rocky islands, which can only be explored by kayak. You’ll hear the swells rolling over rocks, the haunting sound of groaner buoys, and seals calling in the distance as you paddle through the beautiful islands and skirt picturesque fishing villages. Throughout the tour, you’ll stop to learn about the flora and fauna–from the bright yellow seaweed, and colourful shells to the blue and grey hues of the rocky landscape. The calm, clear waters offer many opportunities to see wildlife above and below the surface.

Halfway into the tour, we’ll stop on an island for a beach break and enjoy a snack. After our break, we’ll paddle out to the Rackets. This series of low-lying rocks provides a protected paddling environment, between the islands and the open Atlantic Ocean. Its also home to a seal colony. Seals, especially the young pups, are curious and often enjoying swimming near visiting kayaks. We’ll take some time to allow them to approach the kayaks, and take some pictures without disturbing them. On the return paddle, we’ll follow a different sheltered route, speckled with pauses along the way for stories and wildlife viewing.

This 4-hour kayak tour is offered daily at 9:00 am and is great for paddlers of all ages and experience levels.

We meet at the end of The Point road at the 8:45 am. If you need directions please give us a call.

After introductions and paperwork, equipment will be distributed to all the paddlers and we will talk briefly about the kayaking gear and how to use it. Next we’ll go over the sea kayaks from bow to stern explaining all the parts. We’ll get everyone to sit in their kayak and adjust the seat and the foot peddles. After everyone is comfortable we launch the boats in the the beautiful calm waters of Blue Rocks right on the edge of Nova Scotia.

Once on the water, we’ll take a quick paddle and then review the basic strokes we’ll be using. After that, we’re ready to delve into the many islands of Blue Rocks. We’ll paddle in amongst the islands, protected from the open ocean, for just over an hour. We will then stop off at a secluded beach, stretch, explore and enjoy a snack that we provide. The snack usually consists of fruit and bars or cookies.

After the refreshments we get to go kayaking again. The second paddle is about an hour to an hour and a half.  Will end back at our starting point. We then help people out of the boats and collect the equipment and wish everyone other pleasant adventures.

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Tour Reviews

5.00 based on 4 reviews
August 21, 2015

…We paddled in and among little islands and out to the open ocean to see harbor seals. I loved every minute of it, felt well-equipped and supported for the journey, the pace was just right, and it is a memorable highlight of my stay in Lunenburg. Don’t miss it!

May 3, 2017

“One of best activities of summer holiday!”
Staff were friendly, experienced and knowledgeable and we enjoyed learning about kayaking and the history of the rocks and surrounding area including seeing the seals. All in all a great experience!

May 28, 2017

We booked our excursion for the early morning. The day started with a silver grey blanket of fog that teased the reflections in the still glass of the water. Our guides were knowledgeable, personable and fun. This was our first attempt at sea-kayaking but not our last.
The scenery and the stories made this a very worthwhile experience. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone.
What an amazing feeling having a seal pop up next to you in the ocean.

We would do it again.

August 15, 2017

Perhaps the highlight of my time in Nova Scotia. We did the Paddle to the Seals with guides Karl and Phillip who were knowledgeable, kind, and funny. Got to learn about geology, marine life, and history of the region. Tour included a pit stop where some of us jumped into the chilly Atlantic and enjoyed the tour provided snack of delicious homemade banana bread and organic apples. Then we paddled off to park in a bed of seaweed where curious seals popped their heads out of the water to check us out. A pretty perfect day. Hope to make it back to this little corner of the world again some day.

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