Back To The Point Kayak Challenge 2018

The Challenge is our annual charity kayak event that showcases some of the best paddling in Nova Scotia.

When : September 16th at 1230pm

Where : Starting at the Sawpit Wharf on Lunenburg’s Back Harbour and finishing in Blue Rocks Harbour.

About the Challenge – The Challenge will take kayakers right around the Lunenburg peninsula, a distance of about 12 kms to Blue Rocks. Kayakers will have to navigate from the Sawpit Wharf towards Mason’s Island then head to The Back Passage. The Back Passage is the narrow strip of water that separates Heckman’s Island from the mainland. After passing under the bridge to Heckman’s Island, people will breeze through Stonehurst North and Stonehurst South toward Blue Rocks. The finish is the Blue Rocks Harbour.

There will be separate categories for single kayaks and double kayaks but The Challenge is more about having fun then making fast times. Great for families and children. Remember it is a charity kayak event.

Registration Fee – $40 per person, plus tax, and this includes a meal, some swag and entry in a draw for prizes. Call to register 902 541-9233. $30 from every registration will go to charity. Only the first 40 people will be accepted.

Our charity has been Pro Kids for Lunenburg County and last year we raised $1000!

Single and double kayaks available to rent at half normal rates!