Pleasant Paddling Hosts Rock Skipping Championship

The Blue Rocks Skip

Join us at The Point in Blue Rocks for the first annual Nova Scotia rock skipping championship on July 15, 2018 at 9:30am. This is a charity event for ProKids in Lunenburg County.

Three rocks skipping categories –

Standard rock skip – Most skips wins. Any rock allowed.

Big Rock – Most skips wins. Only rocks weighing more than a pound allowed.

Rock Skip Jump – Most skips wins. Any rocks allowed. Thrower must be in the air jumping into the water when rock is thrown.

$10 for three rocks

$20 for three rocks in each category

All throws recorded on video. Video reviews available.

“Blue Rocks” available on site but throwers are allowed to bring their own rocks.

Blue Rocks Skip 2018

Nova Scotia Rock Skipping Championship

Held on July 15, 2018 at 9:30am

We had 43 participants this year and raised over $600 for PROKids in Lunenburg County

Our Lovely Judges
Left to Right: Kathy, Aaron, Ed, Karl, Madeline, Robert, Willie


Standard Rock Skip 2018

Willie Wells, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Judged Skips: 22

Video Review: 22+

Kathy Spidle, Martins River, Nova Scotia

Judged Skips: 17

Big Rock Skip 2018

Ed Halverson, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia

Judged Skips: 13

Video Review: 12+

Aaron Taylor, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Judged Skips: 12/13

Video Review: 12/13

Rock Skip Jump 2018

Robert MacDonald, Liverpool, Nova Scotia

Judged Skips: 20

Video Review: 20+

Aaron Taylor, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Judged Skips: 18

Video Review: 18