Kayak Lessons

If you’re looking to get more comfortable in a kayak and improve your skills, sign up for one of our kayak lessons in Blue Rocks, Nova Scotia. Our instructors are all Paddle Canada Certified and ready to help you become a better paddler. We offer courses for people who have never sat in a kayak before, as well as, courses for intermediate paddlers who want to brush up on their skills.

Come and learn kayaking in the safe, calm, and beautiful waters around Blue Rocks.

To book your lesson please call – 902 541-9233.

kayak lessons Nova Scotia NS South Shore near LunenburgThe Basics– Half Day Lesson

Covers all the basics of kayaking and the equipment, how to get in and out, and basic paddling strokes. Wet exits and assisted re-entry are an option. Safe practices are the focus of these lessons with novices in mind. The kayak and all safety equipment required, plus a snack, is included.

Time- 4 hours

Cost- $100 plus tax


Introduction to Sea Kayaking – Full Day

Covers fundamental paddling strokes, wet exits and re-entry techniques. This is the equivalent to “Paddle Canada Basic Skills”. This course is designed for those who want to get out and feel comfortable exploring protected waterways. The kayak and all safety equipment required, plus a lunch, is included.

Time- 6 hours

Cost- $150 plus tax


Fundamentals of Sea Kayaking – Two Days

Covers forward stroke, back paddle, bracing, sweep strokes, edging, exits, and rescues. This course provides the instruction and time to get a solid kayaking skill set. The course is the equivalent to “Paddle Canada Level One”. The kayak and all safety equipment required, plus lunches, are included.

Time- Two days (6 hours each)

Cost- $300 plus tax

All equipment is included in the prices but if you have your own equipment, feel free to bring it with you.